Sermon Notes

Courage in the Midst of Difficulty

Esther 3 To show how God works in a person’s life to grant his needs when that person is honoring God. See more of Mordecai’s story in Queen Esther at Sight and Sound Theatre.

Commitment Counts

Esther 3 To show through the lives of Mordecai and Esther that commitment counts in our being used of God to fulfill His providential purpose. See Queen Esther at Sight and Sound Theatre!

God and a Beauty Contest

Esther 2:1-11 To show through an analysis of the events in Esther 2 that the Providence of God is at work in our lives even when we cannot see it. Queen Esther is now playing at Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Providential Oversight

Esther 1:1-2:1 To show through the book of Esther that God oversees the action of men so that His ultimate purpose is fulfilled. If you have an opportunity, check out Queen Esther at Sight and Sound theatre in Lancaster, PA.

Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139 To build appreciation and praise to God for the wonder of what He did in our creation. Touch of the Master’s Hand

God’s Answer to Guilt

Psalm 32 To show that we do not have to suffer feelings of guilt because of Christ’s reconciling work. To help the people experience the grace of God.

Don’t Doubt

Psalm 91 To show that we can have clear confidence is our God in the face of every experience. To bring the people to this freedom from doubt into clear confidence.

Answers to Anxiety

Psalm 27 To show that we have an omnipotent Heavenly Father who watches over us in the midst of every experience of life. To dispel fears within the lives of Christians who can lean upon and trust in God for every need.


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