About Irvin

Irvin Verrill born in Windham, Maine was the youngest of five children, his father was a factory worker and his mother was a homemaker. His mother worked briefly during World War II when women joined the work force to fill the void when the men went off to war.

The family was active at the Highland Cliff Advent Christian Church. His father was a deacon and Superintendent of Sunday School. His mother was the church clerk. One sister was a pianist/organist and the rest of the children all sang in the choir. Irvin would return as an adult to pastor the Highland Cliff Advent Christian Church as one of eight churches spanning six decades of ministry.

Irvin attended school in Windham where he served in a variety of leadership positions. He was the manager of the basketball team, student band director, and dramatics. He was awarded the Kiwanis Award for Leadership.

Sensing a call to ministry, Irvin enrolled at the New England School of Theology (later renamed Berkshire Christian College). In addition to his studies, Irvin joined a brass quartet where he met a very special woman, Eleanor. They were married in 1954 at Eleanor’s home church in Kezar Falls, Maine where Irvin was serving as student pastor. While serving in Kezar Falls, their first daughter was born.

Following the ministry at Kezar Falls, Irvin was called to Beals Advent Christian Church on an island in coastal downeast Maine. There they welcomed their second daughter.

Irvin and Eleanor welcomed their third daughter while serving in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

The family would move to Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Auburn, Maine before returning to the Highland Cliff Advent Christian Church where Irvin grew up. Irvin and Eleanor made their home next door to his childhood home and close to a large number of their family. Irvin and Eleanor both worked for her sister for a handful of years while Irvin ministered at the Highland Cliff church.

Throughout the years Irvin served on numerous boards for the Eastern Regional Association of the Advent Christian General Conference of America and on the Executive Council of the Advent Christian General Conference of America.

Irvin “retired” and they moved to Kittery, Maine where he served as Chaplain at The Meetinghouse Village and ministered in Wells, Maine. In 2013 Irvin and Eleanor moved to Florida to “retire” at the Advent Christian Village. Irvin continued to serve.

On August 25, 2019 Irvin preached his final sermon at the The Village Church. Irvin passed away on November 2, 2019.

Eleanor stated in a bio for Advent Christian Village, “God has had His hand upon us and abundantly blessed us. Our purpose has been to serve Him and His church.”