Reverend Irvin Verrill was a dedicated minister of the Gospel, serving in eight Advent Christian churches across New England for more than 59 years. During his ministry, he also served in leadership on several state and regional conference boards and the Board of Directors of the Advent Christian General Conference. He trained several pastoral interns. His life of service was an expression of his love for the Lord, his family, and the people he served.

Due to his New England heritage, Irvin was an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan. His love of the Red Sox was shared with his mother. He enjoyed gardening, golf, camping, woodworking, and backing chocolate-chocolate chip cookies for his family. What gave him the most joy was his relationship with the Lord and his family.

Irvin passed away on November 2, 2019. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, three son-in-laws, seven grandchildren, and ten greatgrandchildren.

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