God’s Green Pastures

Psalm 23

There is no beautiful literature than Psalm 23.

We are not here for literary purpose, but for God’s message.

Why are God’s pastures green?

Because they are God’s!!!

  1. He leads bountifully
    • The place that is best for use
      • Green pastures
      • Still waters
    • The place that produces supply of needs
      • Food, water, shelter > this is greed
      • My God shall supply all your needs
  2. He leads benevolently (goodwill)
    • This theme overflows with God’s love.
    • Romans 8:28 all works together for good.
    • Trouble have a design
      • Discipline – whom the Lord loves he chastens
      • Development – in the end He delivers
      • Demonstration of power – my grace is sufficient
  3. He leads beneficially (good intent)
    • He restores

God’s pastures are green when we follow Him all the way along.

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