The Christian Hope for the Future

Purpose: By analyzing the message in Job, we can that God holds hope for our future.

Is it valid for the Christian to claim hope for the future?

So much of the thinking of today centers on the here and now because as a commercial so succinctly states “you only go around once in life so live life with gusto.” The whole idea is to get as much enjoyment out of life as you can because this is all there is to life. This concept is completely in opposition to the Christian viewpoint. Which one is right?

We turn today to the most ancient text of the Bible, the book of Job, to observe that it is valid for a person to have hope for the future, even when there is great distress that accompanies that hope.

We are very apt to come to discouragement and think that life isn’t worth the struggle. But Job speaks to us in it all.

Job is in the worst of all circumstances. Job 2:6

  1. When personal and family problems arise, there is hope.
    • The circumstances Job 1:13-20
      • Attack took oxen, donkeys, and servants (verse 14)
      • Sheep burned (verse 16)
      • Chaldeans stole camels and killed servants (verse 17)
      • Sons and daughters were killed in a windstorm (verses 18-19)
    • Job’s reaction Job 1:20-21
      • Tore clothes and distressed
      • Worshipped. Said the “Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”
  2. When physically distressed, there is hope.
    • The circumstances
      • Boils – head to feet (verse 7)
      • Wife provided bad counsel. “Curse God and die!” (Verse 9)
    • Job’s response
      • “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Verse 10)
  3. When false accusations are brought, there is hope.
    • The whole argument that Job’s counselors have brought to him is this since you have had all these problems he must have done something wrong. These are false accusations.
    • Hear Job’s lament. (Job 19:13-22)
      • These are the words of a man in trouble
    • Hear Job’s confession (Job 19:23 & 24)
      • There is hope!!!
        • Redeemer lives – will conquer
        • Death can’t defeat or keep me from Him
        • There is resurrection. In my flesh I shall see God.
          • Supporting Scripture for this concept found in I Corinthians 15

Job stands as a mighty man to serve as an example of how a person clinging to the Christian faith can experience all manner of difficulties and yet have hope.

Few if any of us have ever experienced what Job experienced or will be called upon to endure what he endured. But one thing we know is a strong hope in God can carry us through such times. A strong faith in God will be vindicated on that day when we stand before Him complete and ready for the joys of His kingdom.

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