Prevailing Providence

Esther 8:1-8

Proposition: Divine providence overrules all things.

  1. God’s providence overrules in preparing/bringing people to leadership. (Esther coming to the throne.)
    • Esther was an obscure person in Persia.
    • Esther was a powerless person in Persia.
    • Esther was a prepared person in Persia.
  2. God’s providence overrules in protecting people who will obey him. (Mordecai)
    • Mordecai was an optimistic person.
      • He believed God could work through his counsel.
    • Mordecai was a devout man.
      • He did not forget his heritage.
    • Mordecai was a
  3. God’s providence overrules in punishing the evil of men. (Haman)
    • Haman was a self-seeker.
      • Everything he did was geared to self-advantage.
    • Haman was a prideful man.
    • Haman was an evil man.
      • His evil caught up with him.

Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.

Conclusion: This shows us that divine providence does overrule all things. Three central figures in the book of Esther bring this message to us.

  • Esther in her submissive spirit
    • Obedient to Mordecai
    • If I perish, I perish
  • Mordecai in his leadership
    • Guided Esther and ultimately had great power in the kingdom
  • Haman in his evil scheming

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