Man’s Understanding of God

Psalm 11

By analyzing this Psalm, we can see the benefits of putting our trust in the Lord.

  1. God is a source of protection to His children
    1. It is folly to think that we are better off to be free of God (verses 1-3)
      1. The enemy is there to destroy
    1. If we destroy the foundation of righteousness, we have no hope (verse 3)
  2. God is Holy in His dealings with all mankind (verses 4-7)
    1. There is a God in Heaven
      1. Though he is out of our sight, we are not out of His
    1. He governs the world
    1. He knows us, our true character (verses 4b-5a)
    1. God’s favor is always given to the righteous (verse 7)

So David concludes and we can too that God is the one in whom we can take refuge. In Him we can find protection against strong evil forces both from without and within. We can be confident because this God is in Heaven and has His controlling hand on all things.

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