The Proof of Jesus Power

Mark 2:6-12

Many of the miraculous works that Jesus did, he did in just the fashion they were accomplished as a mean of proving to the critic, the sceptic, and the unbelieving that he has all power and authority. The words “rise, take up your pallet and go home” were spoken for just that reason. There is much for us to learn through this action.

  1. This demonstration of Jesus’ power meets our needs.
    • If Jesus’ authoritative word could bring restoration to a man who never walked, he can meet my need today no matter what the source of that need may be.
  2. The demonstration of Jesus’ power quiets His critics
    • It quiets them by revealing the truth
    • It quiet them through positive action
  3. The demonstration of Jesus’ power glorifies God
    • A man is restored
      1. Physically
      1. Spiritually
    • People give praise to the Lord

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