Praise God

Praise God

Psalm 103

Several weeks ago, we considered the matter of blessing the Lord. We used Psalm 34 as a basis for our thinking as we read, “I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

In this Psalm, we have David expressing this same matter. We remember that we can bless God as we acknowledge the mighty things He is doing for us. In this Psalm, there are several things mentioned for which we should bless the Lord.

  1. For great benefits (verse 2)
    • Forgive (verse 3)
    • Heals (verse 3)
    • Redeems from destruction (verse 4)
    • Expresses loving kindness (verse 4)
    • Satisfies (verse 5)
  2. For His works (verse 6)
    • Divine justice (verse 6)
    • Reveals Himself (verse 7)
    • He is merciful (verses 8-11 & 17)
    • Forgives (verse 12)
    • Sympathy (verse 13)

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