The Ways of Normal Growth

The Ways of Normal Growth

Luke 2:52

Who do you think is the best example we should follow?

If Jesus is our best example, we should try to be like Him. How can we do that? There is a verse to look at Luke 2:52.

  1. Jesus grew in stature – physically.
    • Do you have the growth charts?
  2. Jesus grew in wisdom – intellectually.
    • Jesus had to go through the process of school.
  3. Jesus grew in favor with man – socially.
    1. Learned to get along with other people.
      • Parents. He continued to be in subjection to them. (Verse 51)
      • Others. Live peacefully with all men.
    1. Jesus grew in favor with God – spiritually.
      • He was intent on doing His Father’s work. (Verse 49)
      • Father would say, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

What does this say to us?

If we want to be like Jesus, we need to grow as He did.

If we want to be pleasing to God the Father, we need to make Jesus our example and make His words our guide to living.

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