What the Truth Does

Acts 19:1-20

You will remember that last week we considered Apollos and how he came to know the truth more perfectly. We now wheat the truth does to the people of Ephesus.

  1. A new experience. (verses 1-7)
    • Their former knowledge (what Apollos had taught them).
    • Full truth brings new experience.
      • Baptized as evidence of faith in Christ.
      • Holy Spirit came upon them.
  2. A new problem. (verses 13-17)
    • For every true experience, there are counterfeit experiences.
      • Men were impressed with the power of Paul, so they tried to duplicate what he did.
    • The power over evil is not man’s power, but God’s.
      • Man apart from God cannot do anything in the face of evil.
    • Even out of this God brought good.
      • The name of the Lord was magnified. (verse 17b)
  3. A new power. (verses 18-20)
    • The evil powers came into submission.
    • This resulted from the experience of Christians.
      • Confession.
      • Word of God was growing mightily and prevailing.

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