The Choice of Obedience to Man or God

Acts 4:13-22

Every person to determine the direction of his loyalty.

  1. Obedience to God can bring great results.
    • They were to be obedient in prayer.
      • They were going to the temple at the hour of prayer. Acts 3:1
    • They were obedient in action.
      • Acts 3:6 What I have I give you- rise and walk.
  2. Obedience to God can bring grievous results.
    • They were jailed for preaching the Gospel. Acts 4:3
    • They were jailed for obedience to God.
      • Many would call this injustice; it was God’s marvelous plan.
    • There obedience was a badge of identity with Jesus.
      • They took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.
    • Obedience to God brought their release.
      • Because the crowd had heard the truth and seen the miracle, they had to release them.
  3. Obedience to God brings about greater service. Acts 4:20

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