Like the Father

Colossians 3:5-14

Most of us tend to excuse the defects in our character by calling them “inherited traits.”

A pastor told of a man who said, “I have such an awful temper, but I got it from my father.”

To challenge his thinking, the pastor said, “Are you born again?”

“Yes!” was the reply.

“Were you born of God?”


“Is God your Father?”

“Of course.”

“Well, what kind of temper did you inherit when you were born again?”

God’s purpose is to make us like His Son. How do we become like the Father?

  1. A new birth.
  2. A new control center.
    • The Holy Spirit is within us and produces the fruits of the Spirit.
    • This makes verses 12-14 a reality.
  3. A new cause.
    • Romans 6:12-13
      • No longer given to sin.
      • Now yield self to God as one that was dead and is now alive.

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