The Way of a Righteous Person

Psalm 1

  1. The wisdom of a Godly person
    • He does not accept the advice of the ungodly person. (verse 1a)
      1. The ungodly have a different set of standards.
      1. The ungodly do not have the counsel of God to assist them.
    • He does not make his company in the sinner’s circle (verse 1b)
      1. We are to be in the world, but not to make the world our home.
    • He does not become a scoffer nor becomes a part of those who are. (verse 1c)
  2. The joy of the Godly person
    • He joys in obedience to God’s ways. (verse 2)
      • He understands God’s will because he can meditate on His Word.
    • He receives the benefits of God’s grace. (verse 3)
      • He is receiving his strength from God’s stream of living water.
      • He is able to share his blessings through fruit which he bears.
      • He prospers in God’s ways.

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