Watch Your Wants

Matthew 6:25-35

Key verse is verse 8 “your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

We Christians often cry out to God for things we think we need. We become impatient and wonder why He doesn’t answer our prayers.

God know that to grant some of our requests would be a punishment rather than a blessing.

There was a wealthy lady and her young son traveling together on a train. Traveling with them was a nurse who was in charge of the child. The boy was whining and complaining because he wanted something. The mother eager to quiet him, told the nurse to give him what he wants. Soon the child was crying again. The mother turned agitated to the nurse and asked “didn’t I tell you to give him what he wants?” The nurse replied, “he wanted the wasp on the window so I gave it to him.”

Our Father in His infinite wisdom knows what is best, therefore we must pray within His will.

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