The Power of a Father’s Influence

Luke 1:5-23

“Let a child fit into your shoes.”

An analysis of Zacharias’ life will help us see what makes a positive influence.

  1. His integrity (verse 6)
    • Righteous – in a right relationship with God
    • Blameless – in the commandments
  2. His intensity (verse 8)
    1. He was a priest
      • His responsibility was to go into the temple and burn incense which put him in a good place
      • He was ready to hear God speak
  3. His insights (verses 13 & 18)
    • Gained by a message from God
    • Enabled him to carry out God’s plan (verse 1:63 “his name is John.”)
    • What he gained by not being able to speak

Obedience to God is a vital matter in the Christian life. It affects so much that we hold important to our well-being. For this reason we are going to look at the question of “why obey God?”

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