A Question of Love

John 21:15-19

We are all familiar with the presumptuous claims that Peter made to the Lord before our Savior went to the Cross. He flaunted himself as being more highly motivated, stronger, and better able to face any unpleasantness than all the rest of the disciples. Now on the other side of the crucifixion, it was well known that Peter failed just as miserably as did the others.

The risen Christ appears to reaffirm to Peter that He still loves him and has a place for him to serve. When Jesus asks about his love now, He does not want words but actions.

  1. Tend my lambs (verse 15)
    1. The young in faith who need special support
  2. Shepherd my sheep (verse 16)
    1. Be a leader to guide My sheep
  3. Tend my sheep
    1. Provide for them the things they shall need for spiritual growth
      1. Bind up bruises
      1. Feed them with the Word

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