Responses to the Gospel

Acts 17

In the 16th chapter of Acts, we considered one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit which is guidance. We considered the Spirit guides us as to where we should go as well as in the manner in which we are to witness.

In this chapter, we have revealed to us several of the ways people can react to the Gospel as we present it.

  • Jealous rebellion – Thessalonians
    • Those reached – some Jews, many Greeks, and leading women
    • The result
      • Jealous rebellion. Why rebellion?
        • Not sympathetic with the message
        • Maybe conviction of sin
  • Berean’s Eagerness (verse 10)
    • Strategy same
      • Went to synagogue first
      • To others
    • Result
      • Received word eagerly
      • Studied to discern truth
      • Both Jews and Greeks believed
  • Athens’ reluctant (verse 16)
    • Strategy
      • Synagogue
      • Market place
    • Results
      • Quick to heal (verse 21)
      • Sneer – because of supernatural (verse 32)
      • Procrastinate – will hear you again (verse 32)

We have seen three rather common reactions to the Gospel.

Some people are shattered if their witness is rejected. Greater men than we have been rejected. Remember they are rejecting Christ, not us.

We are saddened at the Thessalonians and Athens type of person. But we can give promise to the Berean-type person who is eager to hear and receive the Word.

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