The King of My Life

The King of My Life

Psalm 2

Someone has said, “when God laughs it isn’t funny!” this is certainly true of the record given to us in Psalm 2:4. A look at this Psalm in-depth shows us some important things.

  1. The anger of accepting the counsel of earthly rulers.
    • The counsel of the world is usually contrary to God. Verse 2
      • Since they have not yet yielded to Christ, their whole concept is different.
      • Since they do not understand Christ’s principles, they work contrary to His ways.
    • Sometimes it is in open opposition to God’s ways.
      • Removal of any religious concepts in the school.
  2. The folly of rising against God. Verse 4
    • Man may devise his plans, but God is omnipotent.
    • God just laughs at the folly of trying to defeat Him.
  3. The way to combat this influence
    • A personal commitment to make Christ his Lord overrides all of the activity of governments. Verse 6
    • Accepting the words of God provides the evidence of His work in our life. Verse 7
      1. Our relationship to Him – thou art my son.
      1. Our privilege with Him – ask of Me, and I surely will give the nations as they inheritance.
    • From all of this we can see it is far better to accept the privileges that come from our Lord than to take counsel from those who are the rulers in this life.

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