When Destiny Calls

Esther 4

Subject: Providence

Theme: God’s providence in bringing Esther to the throne.

Proposition: God is at work in carrying out the details to fulfill His purpose in the world.

Here is a remnant of the people of God living where He did not intend them to be.

A number of sins have been heaped upon the Jews: jealousy, pride, hatred, greed, revenge.

All would appear as though it was the end of these people. Haman in his anger has found a way to eradicate everyone who was an irritation to him. Except for the fact that we have a providential God who is in control and His purpose will be carried out.

  • Fear of God’s people (vs 4:3)
  • Folly of Haman
    • caused by pride
    • folly that led to an evil plot
    • brought him to his end
  • The favor of Queen Esther
    • she could not approach the king without favor
    • she was the only hope for the Jews (vs 4:14) she could not escape if others did not
    • she would place her life on the line (vs 4:16)

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