How Divine Providence is Working in Men’s Lives

Acts 28:23-31

What is divine providence? It is God’s work on our behalf to take care of us in any situation.

  1. Divine providence in sparing Paul from his own countrymen.
    • Paul was arrested because of the charges of his own nation. (Verse 22)
    • God used Paul’s citizenship as providential care.
      • Paul would appeal to Caesar.
      • This was his means of escaping death by his own people. (Verse 26:32)
  2. Divine providence is sparing Paul from the elements.
    • God had told Paul that there was a ministry for him in Rome.
      • The storm. (Verse 24:14-21)
      • The reassurance. (Verse 27:23-24)
  3. Divine providence that enabled him to minister in Rome. (Verse 28:23-30)
    • His freedom (verse 28:16)
    • His ministry (verse 28:23)

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