The Songs of Christmas

Luke 1:46-55

For most people, Christmas is one of the most happy and blessed periods of the year. It is a time of great reflection upon God’s great love toward the world.

For some it is an unhappy time because it carries with the expressions of happy times of which such persons did not share.

It can become one of the richest experiences of our life when we put aside the personal baggage that we may carry and concentrate on what Christmas is all about.

Singing and Christmas go hand in hand. We enjoy the songs of the season. I want to draw our attention not to the songs we call carols, but to the song of Christmas as seen in the Bible. Today we are going to look at the Song of Mary which she shared with her cousin, Elizabeth, shortly after she learned she was chosen to be the vessel God would use to accomplish Jesus’ incarnation.

An analysis of Mary’s song reveals a great deal of what Christmas is all about.

Mary’s Song

Luke 1:46-55

  1. God’s consideration
    • God’s choice of Mary
    • God’s blessings for Mary
  2. God’s commitment
    • To show mercy. It is not our worthiness, but His mercy
    • To use His power on behalf of His people
  3. God’s compassion
    • His response
    • His faithful remembrance

The song of Mary is a song which exalts God by remembrance of who He is, recognition of what He does, and reverencing Him for His holy character. This is all cloaked in the message of the Songs of Christmas. Let us allow our hearts to become free in our exaltation of God.

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