The Accompaniment of Christmas

Luke 2:1-14

  • Sing
  • Rejoice – happiness
  • Share

Why the accompaniment of Christmas?

John 3:16 Because of the very nature of God we have the accompaniment of Christmas

  • God’s love. God so loved the world.
  • God’s gift. He gave His only begotten Son.
  • God’s grace. Who ever would believe on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

God’s love

  • Who loved – God
    • The Creator
    • The supreme head of the universe
    • The One who has all the power – can do anything
    • The perfect One
  • Whom He loved
    • The human race
    • That state of the human race
      • Created for fellowship with Him
      • Marred that fellowship
      • Acted contrary to His will
      • Were rebellious
      • Tried to defeat God’s overtures (killed the prophets)
    • He loved this kind of humanity
  • God’s gift
    • Only Son.
      • The One with whom He had always had fellowship.
    • A loved Son.
      • God announced His approval and love for His Son.
    • God’s gift was the best He could give.
      • What He could do.
  • God’s grace (what He could accomplish)
    • Enable us to believe
    • Believing would bring hope
    • Hope would allow us to find fulfillment
    • Hope would bring us to life

John 3:16-17 shows us the central meaning of Christmas. The things that we often identify with Christmas are but the accompaniments of Christmas. Let’s not accept the side issues of Christmas in place of real things.

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